Session Number VM4-12

2021 Session
SP! Stress-Relief Online? It's Out There!
Christine Donoghue, Library Technology Media Specialist, Billerica Public Schools
Level: Beginner
Grades: All

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In the past school years, I have taught kids how to reduce anxiety in school using certain websites. In the year 20-21, while teaching virtually, these tools became vital! I added some more websites to my resource list, and by teaching them to other teachers, I discovered new uses for them. In this session, participants will learn about how to use the websites, and leave with a list of them, including online bookmarks. Travel the globe with me, or seek inner peace. Discover sites where you can travel the globe and learn some geography and culture. Find out why ELL and Language teachers were so excited to take my class. Whether you use these websites for stress-relief yourself, or with your students and whether you use them in traditional or innovative ways, you will definitely have fun during this session.