Session Number VM3-11

2021 Session
NV Protecting Student Safety in Google Workspace & MS 365 Cloud Environment
David Waugh, Chief Revenue Officer, ManagedMethods

Level: Beginner
Grades: All, Administrative

Learn about the student safety risks that come with the Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 cloud apps school districts are using more in their new learning environments. In the classroom, apps such as Google Meet, Chat, Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom are used more to connect with students anywhere, at any time. These applications help students collaborate with classmates and teachers in the classroom, but they also give students another channel to communicate with each other that's often difficult to monitor. The Google and Microsoft apps used in the classroom are not always used for school purposes, which pose a risk to student safety and privacy. These apps contain cyberbullying, discrimination, threats of violence, signs of self-harm, and inappropriate content hidden within the text and images of files. In this session, discover how to better monitor and protect students inside Google and Microsoft applications, to help detect early warning signs before larger incidents occur.