Session Number VM2-14

2021 Session
SP! Defying Conventional Wisdom on Teacher Development with Evidence
Gary Stager, CEO & Founder, Constructing Modern Knowledge

Level: Beginner
Grades: All

Learn what project-based learning looks like and may achieve when bells, instruction, rubrics, and coercion are replaced with time, choice, collaboration, collegiality, and cutting-edge technology. For thirteen years, Constructing Modern Knowledge has exemplified constructionism for a new generation of educators. A potent brew of progressive education, cutting-edge technology, and lessons learned from Seymour Papert create a context in which educators engage in invention as a way to reinvent their own notions of learning and teaching. This successful model stands in stark contrast to the widespread incremental approach to teacher professional development based on a mythology suggesting that adults, particularly educators, have great difficulty learning in the digital age. Constructing Modern Knowledge affirms the competence of educators at a time when most teacher professional development efforts are based on contrary assumptions. This presentation "brings the receipts" with examples of teacher created projects, global impact, and powerful ideas for challenging conventional wisdom about technology and education.