Session Number T1-02

2023 Session
ChatGPT & AI: Ban it? No. Detect it? Maybe. Embrace it? Yes!
Maureen Yoder, Professor, Lesley University
Level: All levels
Grades: K-5, 6-8, 9-12

Live Streamed/Recorded Session
Not since banning calculators has an innovative technology caused as much concern to educators. Will it lead to massive cheating and impact the teaching of writing? Many large public school systems have banned it. Turnitin, and others, immediately began developing methods to detect it. A real challenge, and opportunity, for educators, is to learn to use it thoughtfully, ramp up media literacy programs, and develop assignments that result in original and creative work by students.You will leave with specific suggestions for classroom use, many relevant resources, and thought provoking questions. The term "Electronic Constructivism" was coined by this presenter, who will link these technologies to what it is all about: Good Teaching. Updated with recent news items, possible government regulation, and issues calling for debate, this session will be a fast-moving summary of the challenges and benefits of this powerful tool. You will receive a link to all of the tools and resources to explore in more detail later. The session will end with a raffle for techy prizes.