Session Number PreC05-D

2019 Session
Merge Technology with Handwritten Notes; Rocketbook Everlast
Deb Boisvert, Consultant, Google Certified Educator, NHSTE
Level: Beginner
Grades: All
Cost: $100, $65

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Combine the joy, freedom, and portability of offline writing and sketching while being able to sync with a wide variety of cloud-based storage platforms including Google drive folders and Classroom. This is the last notebook you will ever need! Rocketbook Everlast is easily erased and can be reused over and over again. Explore classroom applications and PDF tools and tricks to leverage the use of your documents after uploading. This workshop is offered in both BYOD and MITI formats. The registration fee for the MITI format includes the cost of the workshop AND the device/resources. The BYOD format includes only the cost of the workshop, the attendee is solely responsible for securing the required resources listed on the website.