Session Number MITI08SA

2012 Session
MITI - Successful iPad Integration for You and Your Students
Celeste Best, Science Teacher, Oyster River High School SAU 5

Level: all levels welcome
Grades: All
Cost: 580

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This full-day institute provides K-12 educators with an opportunity to experience the potential that an iPad can offer in the classroom. Presenter Celeste Best, an award winning science teacher, at Oyster River High School, has successfully integrated several types of technology into her classroom. Learn about different applications that allow students to improve critical thinking skills, communication, technology literacy, and excitement about learning. Celeste provides participants with an understanding of 1) basic and advanced functions of the iPad, 2) ways it can be used as a teacher centered tool, 3) how it can be utilized by students, and 4) above all else, time to play with your new iPad. Several categories of applications are "explored" including programs for management, organization, grading, games, video production, communication, virtual simulations, and more. The registration fee for this workshop includes the cost of the workshop AND the device. The specific iPad model selected will be posted in October on the conference website at