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2023 Sessions With Extensions
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BDTu1-PS: Google - All That and a Bag of Chips
BDVTh1-Z4: Engage Your Students in Computer Science Using Bitsbox
BDWe1-HL: A More HUMAN Approach to School Based Leadership
BDWe1-PS: Google - On the road again
BDWe3-PS: Small Group Targeted Instruction for Core Subjects
T1-07: Right Technology to Make CBE Practical
T3-01: Learning as a Journey: Deeper Dives
T3-02: Intentional & Inclusive Israeli Inspired Innovations
T3-05: Rev Up Your PD: Fuel Personalized Learning with a Tech Fair
VTh1-11: So Many Edtech Options, So Little Time: How to Make Wise Edtech Decisions
VTh2-11: Technology Education for the Neurodiverse
VTh4-14: Media Literacy - Preparing Students for a Social Media World
W1-06: Let's Get Creative! Course Design Inspirations with UDL + Canvas
W1-08: A New Take on Measuring & Sharing Student Literacy Progress
W2-01: Navigating Digital Wellness: Cultivating Self-Care in the Digital Age
W2-03: Honoring CBE Practices in Our SIS
W2-05: Partners in Progress: Advancing Work Study Practices at EMHS
W3-02: Starting an Esports Team
W3-08: Inquiry-based Learning
W4-01: AI in K12. Turn that $%#! up to Eleven or Run Away Bravely?
W4-05: Evolution of Growing Readers